Columbiana County (Ohio) General Health District

Columbiana County General Health District
7360 State Route 45 • P.O. Box 309 • Lisbon, OH 44432
(330) 424-0272 • Fax (330) 424-1733

Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm - Closed Legal Holidays

For after hours public health emergencies or to report a class A communicable disease, please call the Columbiana County Sheriff's office at 330-424-7255 and the on-call 24/7 public health official will be contacted.

Rabies, Ticks & Mosquitos

» Updated Mosquito Information

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Rabies Control

Rabies ControlThe Columbiana County Health District continues to be involved in taking a proactive approach in the prevention of rabies in Columbiana County.

The department hosts two rabies clinics each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Aerial rabies baiting will continue, handled by the US Department of Agriculture. ODH will continue to test suspect animals for rabies, although now it is at the owner's expense. Every effort should be taken to avoid any unfamiliar or wild animals, especially raccoons, skunks and foxes as they are known to be higher risk rabies carriers.

» Ohio Department of Health Rabies Brochure

TickTick-Borne Disease

The Columbiana County Health Department reports the increasing presence of ticks in the area and warns residents to take precaution as these species can carry disease.

Click on the following links below for more information:

» Ohio Department of Health Tick Brochure

MosquitoVector Control
The Columbiana County General Health District also works to prevent the spread of disease by insects and arthropods. Make sure to properly wear repellant and lightly colored clothes when outdoors, and be sure to eliminate standing water from around your home.

Contact us at (330) 424-0272 for further information.

Vector Borne Disease Surveillance Activities in Ohio

» Center for Disease Control

Dangerous Wild Animals
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a toll-free hotline (855-DWA-OHIO) and a website for reporting suspected abuse or neglect of exotic, dangerous animals.


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